Best view from an office window

In case some of you don’t know, we have a family boatyard, on the canal at Market Drayton. My father in law came here in 1962 when he and his father bought a little business running pleasure boats and here we still are, almost 50 years later (there must be a celebration due for that anniversary).

It’s picturesque at any time, but especially so when it snows, and today I went walkabout to take a few snaps to share with you all. I’m very lucky to have such a lovely view out of the window whilst I’m reconciling bank accounts, or answering emails, or blogging-in fact anything I’m doing when I should be baking!

Maybe I should move my bakery out of my kitchen at home and into the boatyard….
You can just see the boatyard through the bridge in this picture:

View through Bridge 62

View through Bridge 62 at Market Drayton

Don’t you think this building would make a lovely little tea shop?

Stables by Bridge 62, Market Drayton

Stables in the snow

Brr…back to the kichen and a warm oven.


Steampunk Santa

Every year, about this time, I start to think about our own family Christmas cake, and how I’m going to decorate it. Well this year, we’ve been crazy about Professor Layton and Howl’s Moving Castle , so I thought a steampunk theme might be fun. And what do you know, Cake Wrecks’ Sunday Sweet yesterday was Steampunk wedding cakes, so this morning I’ve been doing a little Googling (I know, I should be baking) and came up with a plan for Santa’s most extraordinary Steampunk Sled – in cake.

I’ll take some pics as I go, and keep you posted on the progress, but for now here’s some of the inspiration behind it:
From The SteamPunk Workshop:

From his blog, by Geek of All Trades:

From another SteamPunk blog:

These are all from an absolutely fantastic model train site by a guy called Chris Walas (I know, but just take a look):

And finally a beautiful Christmas card design from Jennifer Koopman, a talented Canadian designer who sells on Etsy, where you can buy your own copy:

Happy Caking, and remember to check back for updates


See you all on the 16th

…after my week away from the kitchen. Time to catch up on all the other jobs I’ve been putting off, like the garden, the cleaning and the ironing.

If you need to contact me next week, just bear with me and I’ll answer emails etc once I get back into cake mode the week of August 16th.


You know you’ve been doing too much when….

you forget to put the eggs in a victoria sponge!

Well, half of them anyway.

This week is mostly trying to catch up on everything I should have done last week, but didn’t get around to because I was madly making this wedding cake:

Rose Pillar Wedding Cake

Rose Pillar Wedding Cake

So now I’ve got the house back (no longer every surface covered with rows of pink and white rises and orchids) and I’m madly ticking off jobs that you lovely patient people have been waiting for me to do-thanks to everyone who’s been so understanding.

As for the half-egged sponge…. the family will enjoy it with fruit from the garden and some cream. I’ll make another for my bride!

More cakes

It’s been a while since I posted-busy baking for the wedding season, so I thought you’d like to see a few pics.

Birthday cakes:

Out To Grass birthday cake

Out To Grass birthday cake

Farmyard Friends birthday cake
Farmyard Friends birthday cake

Wedding cakes:

Vintage Parrot Tulip Wedding Cake

Vintage Parrot Tulip Wedding Cake

Black and White mini cakes and baubles

Black and White mini cakes and baubles

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Tiny Green Birds wedding cake
Tiny Green Birds wedding cake

Making soon: lots of  ‘oat couture cookies for June 4th. See pics here, or even better, come to the British Legion on June 4th and try them for yourself.

Charity fashion show

Please come along and support what is sure to be a fab evening at the British Legion Club in Market Drayton on June 4th. As well as yummy frocks I will be there with yummy cakes and cookies, and you’ll be able to sample beauty products, gifts, jewellery and lots more besides from a range of local businesses, all of whom have donated generously to the raffle, and enjoy a live band to boot!  Tickets from Nothing To Wear Dress Agency, High Street, Market Drayton
or ring Debbie Deppner on 01630 656583. Proceeds to Kidney Cancer reserach charities.